Platinum Used | Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis

Platinum Used machines consist of machines that all maintenance, repair and checks have been carried out by Marubeni Dagitim ve Servis Authorized Services since the first day they started to operate.

Detailed expertise is conducted by our expert teams to these machines which pass all the checks are entitled to receive Platinum Used certificate.
During the sale of the related machine, all information about the maintenance, repair and previous usage of the machine will be delivered to our customers together with Platinum Used certificate.
In sales transactions of these machines; all notary and license transactions carried out by our expert staff.
Moreover, special financial solutions and payment terms which are suitable for our customers are offered for these machines.
Our machines that are entitled to receive Platinum Used certificate are offered to our customers with an extended warranty by Marubeni Dagitim ve Servis. The extended warranty covers the main components where the risk of failure is high, such as the engine, transmission, differentials, hydraulic pumps, movement hydro-motors, traction and tower gearbox.
The extended warranty conditions of Platinum Used machines are valid if all periodic maintenance and checks are carried out by Marubeni Dagitim ve Servis Authorized Services. Platinum Used extended warranty terms are valid within the domestic range.